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In the name of Allah the most beneficent, the most merciful. Praise be to Allah, the creator, the sustainer, the cherisher, the most compassionate, the most gracious, and the most forgiving. And all things in existence will return to him.
There are several organizations worldwide offering Hajj, Umrah & Ziaraat tours. Major Ziaraat, Corp. is different in its nature …
The founder and chief organizer, Syed Hasnain Raza’s mother, Shabih Raza passed away in United States on May 08, 2012. Her human remains were flown to Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq and laid to rest in Wadi-us-Salaam in close proximity to Imam Ali (a.s.) shrine. Upon returning from Iraq, Mr. Raza, along with his sister, Rizwana Raza Hussain and his brother Syed Shezor Raza, established Major Ziaraat, Corp.picturemajor3

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Importance and Benefits of Ziaraat

The Ahl al-Bait (AS) put great emphasis on Ziaraat of the Chief of the Martyrs Imam Hussain (AS) and urged their followers to it. In this manner, they kept alive the two important principles of faith, which are to love the friends of Allah (Tawalla) and to disassociate from their enemies (Tabarra). The following is a brief presentation of the importance and benefits of visiting Imam al-Hussain (AS) while recognizing him as an Imam whose obedience is obligatory, as mentioned in the traditions. For the sake of brevity, references are given only from Kamil al-Ziaraat, compiled by Ja’far Ibn Quliwayh al-Qummi (d. 368 AH), which is one of the earliest reliable texts specifically dedicated to this issue. Most of these precious traditions are also found in other reliable collections of the traditions, including the four major books of Hadith:

1 - When Allah intends goodness for someone, He places love of Imam al-Hussain (AS) and love of visiting his grave, in his heart. (Kamil al-Ziaraat, Chapter 55, Hadith 3)

2 - Visiting Imam al-Hussain (AS) is the sign of love for Ahl al-Bait (AS). Whoever loves Ahl al-Bait (AS) should aspire to visit the grave of Imam al-Hussain (AS). One who does not visit Imam al-Husain (AS), is deficient in faith, and if he ever enters Paradise, his rank will be below the rank of believers in Paradise. (Kamil al-Ziaraat, Chapter 78, Hadith 4 and Hadith 1)

3 - If a wretched person performs the Ziarat of Imam al-Hussain (AS), felicity shall be written for him, and he shall be continuously immersed in the blessings of Allah. (Kamil al-Ziaraat, Chapter 57, Hadith 3; Chapter 66, Hadith 10; Chapter 61, Hadith 5)

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Ziaraat Tours

Zikr of Ali ibne Abi Talib (as)

Rasool Allah (sawaw) said :

Make your Majlis (Sitting, Gathering) lively with Zikr of Ali ibne Abi Talib (as).
(ziyyanu majalisakum be zikre ali ibne abi talibin.)

(Ref: Bihar Al Anwar vol 38 page 199, Basharat Al Mustafa Li Shiat Al Murtaza., P 105)

Allah and his Habeeb (sawaw) wish that every deed of man should become worthy of reward i.e. become Saleh i.e. acceptable in the Presence of Allah. A deed becomes Saleh with Zikr e Walayat e Ali (as). Therefore Nabi Akram (sawaw) advised to do Zikr e Ali (as) whenever you get together so that your gatherings can be counted as Ibadat as well.

Anything which Allah has created in the Universe, He decorated it with the holy name of Ali (as) and beautified each Amal e Saleh with Zikr e Ali (as); except Najis creations in which Shaitan is partner, they can not bear Zikr e Ali (as).

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Samane Bayat

IRAN Organizer

Basheer Al-Mansoori

IRAQ Organizer

Maulana Syed Sadiq Ali Shah

Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf

Qasir Abbas “Sakhi”

Ticketing Consultant

Maulana Ibrahim Mudabaree

Mashhad Muqaddas


  • “This was the first time going to visit the Imams for me and my 7 years old. Before going I had millions of questions and Syed Hasnain Raza answered them all very nicely. And when we met him first time at the airport, his humble personality made things easier. All the arrangements were great. Everything was very well organized and well planned. We went everywhere and learned history with a great Islamic scholar. Overall we had a great time. My seven year old was with his Raza “uncle” the whole time. Mr. Raza made sure that Hamza went to all holy shrines and did all his Aamaal with him. I can’t thank Allah (SWT) enough to send us with Mr. Raza. His loving and caring personality made our trip a memorable. InshaAllah, we are looking forward for more Ziaraat trips in coming years. Thanks to Rizwana Raza Hussain for her sweet smile and loving caring personality. It was our pleasure to be with Major Ziaraat Group.”

  • “We have been a part of the April 2014 tour of Iran and Iraq with brother Syed Hasnain Raza and sister Rizwana Raza Hussain. This was a spiritual journey of lifetime. we appreciate all the sincerity, kindness and hard work put in by the group to arrange this ziaraat trip, also for all the help throughout our journey. From the visits to the holy sites to the group living arrangements, bus travel, luggage help were all excellent. The group kept a record of all of us and IT FELT LIKE A MINI FAMILY by trip’s end. Iraq and Iran will remain unforgettable and now we await a chance to INSHALLAH go again soon! Ameen. We would love to go with Major Ziaraat again and sincerely thank to brother Hasnain, sister Rizwana, Raja bhai, Maulana Sadiq Shah and Ali Sayed for all their duties during the trip. Also very thanks to our loyal and devoted guides, brother Khalili, brother Azad, brother Mukhlisi and sister Sumaiyya for their help in visitations of Rauzas. Sending lots of duas to Major Ziaraat team and SPECIAL DUA FOR MARHOOMA WALIDA OF BROTHER HASNAIN AND SISTER RIZWANA.”

  • “I remember the day when my brother, Syed Hasnain Raza, decided to establish a Ziaraat group soon after we laid to rest our beloved mother, Shabih Raza, in Wadi-us-Salam, AL-Najaf Al-Ashraf. From that day, he worked very hard to accomplish his goal, and ‘Alhamdulillah’ before our mother’s first death anniversary, a group of Momineen visited the holy shrines of our Imams (a.s.). May almighty Allah (s.w.t.) grant my brother a long life and good health so he can continue helping people to visit the sacred places and give its sawab to our parents (Ameen). I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE GROUP AND THE WAY HE MANAGED. I also want to say thanks to our Maulana, Syed Sadiq Ali Shah and Brother Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Mukhlisi for making the trip, the most religeous experience for all of us. May Allah bless both of them along with their families (Ameen).”

  • “My true and honest feeling of going with Major Ziaraat is like being with family. The Chief Organizer, Syed Hasnain Raza is such a gentleman that you can trust him 100%. The whole team of Major Ziaraat is extremely dedicated and educated. They perfectly guided the group. We had 18 years to 80 years old ziareen, few needed wheel chairs. All were very comfortable and satisfied with the services. At several occasions, Mr. Raza cared more for our needs and comfort, than for himself. All hotels, meals, air and ground transportations were excellent. Major Ziaraat managenment team made careful and courageous decisions to take us to all Ziaraat places, where normally other groups don’t go. Mr. Raza and his team have good contacts and relationship with local officials and authorities. Our community men, women and children of all ages are very fortunate to have Major Ziaraat to professionally serve them and fulfil their dreams of visiting all the sacred places.”

  • “We have been on many Ziaraat trips to Iraq, Iran and Syria. This was our second trip to Iraq and have to say it is definitely the best Ziaraat groups we have been with. Considering the fact that this was their first Ziaraat trip, it did not feel like it at all. It was very well organized, everyone was cared for, and everything was planned before the actual travel. The package price was extremely reasonable. All hotels were excellent and were at walking distance to the harams. There were no issues in travelling between cities either because all coach buses were preplanned and arrived on time to pick us up. The group leader, Hasnain, was very caring and attentive to others. He was always available to talk to and made sure no one had any issues. He also arranged for some sight-seeing on our stop over to Egypt, which everyone loved. We will definitely travel again with Major Ziaraat because we believe Hasnain was very clear cut and honest throughout the trip. EXCELLENT JOB Hasnain! Good luck for your future trips and keep up the good work!”

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