Maa Ke Naam2

“We Thank you very much for the excellent work your whole team did for us to perform Ziyarat of Najaf, Karbala, Samarra, Kazmain, Kufa, Qum, Mashhad, Tehran, and Neyshapur. Especially the help we received from Hasnain Raza Bhai during the whole journey was Fantabulous. We could see how hard your whole team worked to make this journey most comfortable for all of the Zaireen. We all pray to Allah s.w.t. and all of the Ayimmah a.s. to grant you and your team health and more opportunities to help Zaireen of Imams and get the best blessings of Allah s.w.t.
It was the best trip we had with the best group. We recommend all of the Zaireen to go with Major Ziyaraat Group not only for their convenience, but to really feel the most spiritual experience with well qualified Maulanas to take them to various areas and explain the significance of each place.
Once again Hasnanin Bhai, we thank you very much for all you had done for all of us during this trip. May Allah s.w.t. bless you and grant you boundless taufeeq to serve all of the Zaireen for long time.
Please remember us in your prayers.”

Masoom & Raazia Masoom Ali
Farmingdale, New York
December/January 2017/2018 – Iraq & Iran Tour

“Mashallah great service! Truly satisfied with the overrall experience. Was properly taken care of all the needs by Sir Hasnain Raza.
Very friendly and cooperative team.
Great experience!”

Syeda Raza & Rabab Fatima Raza
Far Rockaway, New York
December/January 2017/2018 – Iraq & Iran Tour

“FIVE STAR Ziaraat Group. Very well Organized. Very helpful in all respects. Well arranged for ease and comfort. Excellent accommodations and tour buses. Would recommend to everyone.”

Mazhar, Shahzeen & Nafeesa Ali
Redondo Beach, California
December 2017 – Iraq Tour

“Great Organization and Management. The team of Volunteers did a great job too. The group members had good communication. The amount of time spent at each location was ample. Appreciate Hasnain Bhai’s dedication and commitment to the group. A lot of places were covered in these 10 days and we had not even heard about a few of these. Felt good to cover them all.”

Ali Mehdi, Mariam Agha & Rubeena Husain
Houston, Texas & Doha, QATAR
December 2017 – Iraq Tour

“We have just completed our 4th ziyarat tour with Major Ziaraat Group. We will never recommend any other group!
The hotels are all extremely nice and comfortable. The arrangements are always well done, and they really go out of their way to make accommodations for everyone. Their local staff is respectful, have great attitudes, and give 100% to help zaireen.
Syed Hasnain Raza and family started this to honor their mother, and they keep that same respect alive in all their interactions with everyone. They handle the most difficult situations with patience and understanding.
They are not just tour group leaders, they treat you like family. Highly recommended for anyone – families, couples, friends, young and old.”

Anjum Zehra & Noor Zehra Zaidi
Princeton, New Jersey
October 2017 Iraq Tour – Arbaeen

“I was with this group this Ashoor 2017, how lucky to had such an amazing group where everyone was so caring and loving. Our group leader Husnain bhai seemed to be my real elder brother who was always there to help, to guide with his loving nature, it helped me to get involved in this spiritual journey with all my heart as my 4 years old daughter was also with me. Our stay and our traveling was very comfortable, we never had any problem.
Husnain bhai is truly devoted to Imam pak AS and I believe he is blessed, we went to his mothers grave and I personally prayed for a son like him, yes Husnain bhai I am really inspired by you, Mola gives you all health and happiness in life Ameen.
As in this era, the ziaraat tourism is becoming a business and people are looking for more quantity of having number of people in their groups, Major Ziaraat Group is only for serving zaireen and truly devoted to Mola as. Beshuk, the best moments were when we met Ayatollah Sistani, the luckiest day of my life.
I had also seen how ladies from other groups were giving prayers to Hasnain bhai as he helped them to meet our Marjah with our group.
Yes I will always go with this group and I can’t imagine to go there without major Ziaraat!
My prayers are always with you all!
Phone: 201-575-2615”

Nadia Abbas
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania
September 2017 – 1-10 Moharram – Iraq Tour

“I had an amazing experience with this group. It was my second ziaraat visit to Iraq but first time with Major Ziaraat Group. I have never seen a person like Hasnain bhai who is so sweet and humble throughout the journey. Everything was well organized and hotels were beyond my expectations.
Husnain bhai is a great man and his guidance for each and everything made my journey the best journey ever and i will definitely go again with this group inshallah.
Thank you so much Husnain Bhai!
Phone: 201-527-5641”

Syed Aon Abbas
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania
September 2017 – 1-10 Moharram – Iraq Tour

“We could not have picked a better organized tour of Najaf and Karbala. Everything we experienced was way above our expectations. From the travel arrangements to the hotels to the food and the Maulanas we had as our spiritual guides, exceeded our expectations. Both Syed Hasnain Raza and Rizwana Raza Hussain treated our group as family, worked tirelessly and showed superhuman patience with all of us. We highly recommend Major Ziaraat group.”

Shoeb & Jamila Amin
Orangeburg, New York
December/January 2016/2017 – Iraq & Iran Tour

“I had an amazing experience with Major Ziaraat Group. They went above and beyond for all the Ziareen at every step of our journey. I wanted to visit a bookstore in Qom, they made arrangements (Hired a bus) so we all could go there. I am very greatful to Hasnain bhai, Raja bhai and Rizwana, they made sure that we could have the best Ziaraat experience possible. May Allah & Panjatan-e-Pak reward them.
Thank you so much!! ”

Syeda Saba Zaidi
Closter, New Jersey
October 2016 Moharram – Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was my first Ziaraat trip with Major Ziaraat Group. The trip arrangements were very well organized and fully accommodating. The trip was a total of three weeks for Iraq and Iran. Throughout the trip, all hotels were excellent and were conveniently located very close to the Harams.
We were given a wide variety of food selection at all times. For the whole trip, we were also shown many markets and restaurants in the area, fully exposing all of us to the culture of Iraq and iran.
Brother Syed Hasnain Raza is highly experienced in tourism and makes sure everyone in the group is comfortable at all times. He has lots of patience and always treats everyone with a sweet smile. he has very loving and caring personality. No matter what may come up, he is always there to help.
Hasnain, may Allah SWT bless you and your family. Ameen!!”

Shamim Amlani
Corona, New York
October 2016 Moharram – Iraq & Iran Tour

“I had very good experience with Major Ziaraat Group. They were very courteous and polite. I would recommend all my family and friends to go only with them for Ziaraat.
Hotels were excellent and the food was delicious.
I will be going to Iran Inshallah with them when Imam send me invitation. May Allah bless them and protect them always. I was very satisfied throughout the journey.
Lots of Duas to the team…Hasnain bhai, Raja bhai & rani. May Allah SWT bless them and give them long healthy life. Ameen.”

Sabiha Raza Kazmi
Cortlandt Manor, New York
October 2016 Moharram – Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was my first Ziaraat in my life!
Frankly I was a little apprehensive esp. about going to Iraq, but once I arrived then all my anxiety disappeared. I was able to perform the Ziaraat with the rest of the group in the best possible way. The management i.e. Syed Hasnain Raza, Raja bhai and Rani were awesome & so were their team in Iraq, Qom and Mashhad. I must mention that all the three Maulanas in Iraq, Qom and Mashhad were excellent. They were very knowledgeable, down to earth and very helpful. They not only went out of their way to direct us in performing our Ziaraat, but also helped us with our shopping esp. with the language. I will not hesitate to recommend Major Ziaraat Group to anyone.
Thank You! Hopefully, Inshallah I will make another Ziaraat trip with Major Ziaraat Group.”

Dr. Salma Haque
Toms River, New Jersey
October 2016 Moharram – Iraq & Iran Tour

“I went with Major Ziaraat Group to Iraq and visited Najaf, Karbala, Samarra, Kazmain and Kufa. My experience was above and beyond my expectations. All of the hotels and all of the Ziaraat that we did were amazing. We did all of the Ziaraat mashallah with ease. Everything was handled excellently. I would highly recommend anyone who would like to go to do Maula’s Ziarat needs to go with Major Ziaraat Group. I will definitely contact them for my next trip inshallah.
Thank you Hasnain bhai for an excellent, wonderful and amazing experience. Life changing for sure.”

Farhana Fatima Manzer
Tampa, Florida
October 2016 Moharram – Iraq & Iran Tour

“Without a doubt, it was the best trip of our lives!! Mr. Raza, his sister Rizwana & brother-in-law sabit were so kind, gracious, and caring that it felt like we were traveling with our family members and friends. Their planning and execution of the entire 21-day trip was phenomenal. The surprise birthday gatherings and dinners were memorable moments. We would wholeheartedly recommend Major Ziaraat.”

Syed & Nuzhat Raza
Alexandria, Virginia
April 2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was our second year in a row to travel with the Major Ziaraat Group and again we had an OUTSTANDING experience all througout the tour. They are very competent, caring, and generous. They have our highest recommendation. They never cut corners and are very helpful with the travel plans.”

Imdad Imam, Shahin Sultana Imam & Yasmeen Sultana
Schenectady, New York
April 2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was our first ziaraat trip with Major Ziaraat Group. We are glad and satisfied that we made this decision. It was an amazing spiritual journey, we loved every minute of it. We would highly recommend this group to anyone who is planning to go for Ziaraat.
The entire tour was very well planned. Our special thanks to Hasnain bhai, Rizwana bhabi & Sabit bhai. Thank you so much for everything.”

Dilawar Abidi & Nighat Abidi
Johnson City, New York
April 2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“My wife and I went to Iraq and Iran to perform Ziaraat of Imams and Ahlebait. It was a total of 21 days tour and our choice of picking up “Major Ziaraat Group” was the best. The resaons are mentioned below:
The Group leader Syed Hasnain Raza, his sister Rizwana Raza Hussain and her husband, Syed Sabit Hussain are very humble & friendly and always smiling. Mr. Raza is well experienced and knows exactly how to plan and schedule the tour. He tries very hard to make all ziareen as comfortable as possible.
Throughout the tour all the luxury hotels were used. We all had separate room with very clean attached bathrooms. Room service was excellent. The best thing we all liked was, all the hotels were very close to harams. we were able to perform our daily namaz ba Jamath led by very honorable Alim-e-Deen. Our group leader, Syed Hasnain Raza arranged a meeting with our Marjah-e-Taqleed, Ayatollah Sistani. It was an extremely spiritual experience for us.
After our Iraq part of the Ziaraat, the Ziarat of our beloved Imam Reza in Mashhad and his beloved sister Fatima Masooma in Qom was a wonderful experience. We went to all different cities of Iran for all major and minor ziaraats. The chartered buses used were very comfortable. Again in Iran, all the hotels used were the best and very close to the harams. We were able to perform all three times salat ba Jamath at the haram.
Throughout the tour there were three times open buffet with huge food selection. We enjoyed the food without worrying for the payment. Major Ziaraat Group will not ask for a single penny after you pay the packange cost.”

“We highly recommend Major Ziaraat Group to all future ziareen of Iraq and Iran”

Syed Mahdi Hassan & Syeda Taqia Hassan
Hills Borough, New Jersey
April 2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“It was a great experience. Very well organized. Overall everything was great.
Thank you for the great effort to help everybody.”

Marleen Zakia Aladin & Elizabeth Sepulveda
Mission Viejo, California
April 2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was the first time going to visit the Imams for me and my 7 years old. Before going I had millions of questions and Syed Hasnain Raza answered them all very nicely. And when we met him first time at the airport, his humble personality made things easier. All the arrangements were great. Everything was very well organized and well planned. We went everywhere and learned history with a great Islamic scholar. Overall we had a great time. My seven year old was with his Raza “uncle” the whole time. Mr. Raza made sure that Hamza went to all holy shrines and did all his Aamaal with him. I can’t thank Allah (SWT) enough to send us with Mr. Raza. His loving and caring personality made our trip a memorable. InshaAllah, we are looking forward for more Ziaraat trips in coming years. Thanks to Rizwana Raza Hussain for her sweet smile and loving caring personality. It was our pleasure to be with Major Ziaraat Group.”

Basima Shah & Hamza Haider
Laurel, Maryland
December 2015 Iraq Tour


“The Ziaraat tour was very well organized. Syed Hasnain Raza and his team in the US as well as in Iraq were really so much experienced and well prepared. I found them very courteous and always willing to extend any help possible to the Zuwaar. The hotels selected in Najaf, Karbala and Kazemain were of high quality; and the services and food were excellent.
The buses and local transport were comfortable and clean.
The religious guide (the respected Maulana) was learned, helpful, humble and really friendly.”

Mohammad Hussain Shah, Rubina Bushra Shah & Fatima Shah
Laurel, Maryland
December 2015 Iraq Tour

“On behalf of our 10 family members who visited the holy shrines in Iraq and/or Iran, I want to thank Husnain Bhai, Sabit Bhai and Rani Bhabhi for taking extremely good care of us and the fellow group members. For most of us, it was our first experience to perform Ziyaraat and not a whole lot of expectations given the ongoing political situation in that part of the world. Despite the situation, Major Ziaraat Group had done excellent arrangements including transportation, accommodation, food service, Maulanas, religious scholars, helpers with luggage and wheelchairs, etc. It was by far the best experience of our life time. Upon returning home, I recommended Major Group to my parents who had the opportunity to perform Ziyaraat in both Iran and Iraq recently. They shared their stories and our experiences turned out to be very similar in terms of the dedication and hard work displayed by the members of Major Ziyaraat. We want to once again thank you for the wonderful experience and keeping cool temperament throughout. May Allah SWT bless you and your families and increase your ranks in the hereafter.”

Alinawaz Sayani, Kanwal Sayani, Sabit Sayani, Shaan Sayani & Sabeeka Sayani
Mukhtar Ali Sayani & Tahira Mukhtar Sayani
Bridgewater, New Jersey
December/April 2015/2016 Iraq & Iran Tour

“The tour with Major Ziaraat Group was well-planned and well-organized. We received “VIP” treatment throughout the trip and were taken care with the highest respect and kindness. The accommodations were very good and the food had variety as well. We were provided with proper facilities and our needs were always addressed without asking. In addition, the speakers were well selected for the group and created a very spiritual atmosphere.
This was our second trip with Major Ziaraat and we would highly recommend them to anyone planning to go for Ziyaraat. Our many Thanks to everyone involved in making this an amazing experience but special thanks must be given to Syed Hasnain Raza and his sister Rizwana Raza Hussain along with Syed Sabit Hussain who helped us settle and easily adjust during our time together.”

Syed Sikandar & Sarwat Hussain
New Milford, New Jersey
March & April 2015 Iraq & Iran Tour

“This was our second Ziaraat tour with Major Ziaraat Group. We are pleased to reaffirm our last year’s evaluation that, “In the crowd of the Ziaraat organizers, Major Ziaraat stands head and shoulders above the rest”. Two essential elements of an undertaking of this nature are spiritual experience and “tourist” experience. Major Ziaraat achieves both in that there is adequate spiritual guidance available and the accommodations are comfortable and are near the harams which makes it convenient to visit the holy places multiple times in a day.
In order to succeed in an endeavor like this requires dedication, patience and commitment to excellence. Major Ziaraat has assembled a dedicated team which strives to maintain their tradition of excellence. Brother Sabit and Sister Rizwana (Raja and Rani) are backbones of the organization. Raja Bhai pitches in during each and every activity and Sister Rani provides her service in her “quite” way. We are thankful to both of them for their efforts.
Hasnain Bhai’s patience is LEGENDARY. One would never find him irritated or losing his temper. We believe that this patience comes to him as a reward for his dedication and commitment to serve Zaireen.
Needless to say we have and would continue to recommend Major Ziaraat to our family, friends and whoever asks us.”

Raza A. Khan & Kaneez A. Khan
Columbia, Maryland
March & April 2015 Iraq & Iran Tour

“AMAZING. We could not have believed, it would be so perfect. We did not pay a penny extra for anything throughout the trip. People told us that we might have to pay for food etc. but we did not. The total cost for the tour was very reasonable.
The leader of the group, Syed Hasnain Raza, was very kind and understanding. God bless him, he is doing a wonderful job and earning SAWAB. We can go on and on but to make it short, JOB DONE EXCELLENTLY. We recommend Major Ziaraat Group to all.”

Abdul Latif & Shahsultana Latif
Holbrook, New York
March & April 2015 Iraq & Iran Tour


“Our tour with Major Ziaraat Group was excellent, we came back very happy. Special thanks and duas for Hasnain Bhai who gave the time individually to everyone with always a smile on his face. Thanks to Raja Bhai and Rizwana bahen as well. Allah and Panjatan Pak give you all Ajar. We got very good experience and I think “Sheikh Family” is hooked up forever with Major Ziaraat Group”.
God bless you all and give you more success in future trips for Ziaraat, Hajj and Umrah, Insha Allah. Once again Jazakallah from all of my family.”

Ismat Tahira Sheikh
Staten Island, New York
March & April 2015 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Major Ziaraat Group is the “BEST” group in terms of our past Zeyaraat and Omrah/Hajj visits. They are the most organized, well planned, very helpful and very generous. We have our highest recommendations for them, to anyone considering such a trip.”

Imdad Imam & Shahin Sultana Imam
Schenectady, New York
March & April 2015 Iraq & Iran Tour

“We are fortunate to have visited the holy shrines in Iraq and Iran multiple times in the past. In our previous trips, we utilized the services of various ziarath tour organizers. This time (April 2014), we went with Major Ziaraat.
In the crowd of the ziarath organizers, Major Ziaraat stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Founder and Chief Organizer, Mr. Syed Hasnain Raza has the most commendable attribute for an undertaking of this nature, in that he strives to satisfy the needs and even the “wants” of his group. Raza Bhai to some, Hasnain Bhai to others, and Major to his family, is a person you feel comfortable within a matter of minutes after meeting him. His calm demeanor along with a determined effort and his desire to make the ziarath experience of his group to be the very best, is reflected in the satisfaction of the zaireen who accompany him. For us, it was a complete and satisfying experience both from the spiritual and the “tourist” point of views. We are confident, Major Ziaraat will continue to serve in their tradition of excellence.”

Raza A. Khan & Kaniz A. Khan
Columbia, Maryland
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Since our return, we have whole heartedly recommended Major Ziaraat to our friends and family members. We found that all the travel logistics were very well planned. The transportation arrangements were adequate and appropriate. Hotels were close to the Harams in each city. If there was any minor issue with the accomodation, Raza bhai took care of that right away. What touched everyon’s heart was Raza bhai’s truly caring attitude towards every member of the group.
It would be unfair not to acknowledge all the support from sister Rizwana and brother Sabit.
Raza bhai’s tireless efforts helped each one of us to focus on each ziarat, which of course remains an awfully inspiring as well as humbling experience.

Abbas Kazmi & Rubina Kazmi
Manassas, Virginia
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Major Ziarrat .com” satisfaction of the Zaireen is their motto.”
“In my opinion this is The Five Stars Ziaraat Tour Organization ” Major Ziarrat .com” Well organized, with reasonable expanse. Includes: Free Internet Phone Service. Tour Packages to Ziarrat, are organized & managed by the learned team of brother & sister “Computer Engineer Syed Hasnain Raza & Professor Rizwana Raza Hussain” of the U.S.A New Jersey. The People you can trust with one of the best Ziaraat service. Satisfaction of the Zaireen is their motto.
Please remember all the momineen-o- mominat around the world, those are in need of your prayers, SPECIAL DUA FOR LATE Mr. & Mrs. Syed Ghulam Raza Shah, S/O Syed Gul Haider Shah, Shabih Raza, D/O Syed Abbas Hussain Jafri
Please recite sura Fatiha, for all the marhoomeen, all over the world of Islam.(sura Faitha is also a sura of treatment)(sura shifaa). please recite sura Shifaa for everyone around you….to treat our roohany and jeesmany sickness(Ameen). “JAZAK ALLAH”ALLAH HUMMA S’ALEA’LAA MUHAMMAD WA AALE MUHAMMAD

Naz Syed
San Francisco, California
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Major Ziaraat did an exceptional job with all the arrangements including, hotels, meals and transportation. The entire trip was very well organized. We visited the holy shrines in Iraq and Iran.
Raza bhai is a woderful person, he was very patient and polite. He has an amazing personality. Rani bahen and Raja bhai were also very helpful, they made us feel like family. We would recommend Major Ziaraat to family and friends and hope to travel with them again.”

Syed Aftab Jaffery & Rukhsana Jaffery
Hazlet, New Jersey
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Major Ziaraat is one of the best Ziaraat Service Group in North America. I have used their services twice and observed that they do provide ”Excellent Services”. I know Syed Hasnain Raza since a long time. Himself and his Sister and other relatives are always working hard to improve their Ziaraat Services.

Abbas Moosvi
Parsippany, New Jersey
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“After coming back from ziaraat, I know this trip was a lifetime experience. The tour was very well organized and the whole team was very knowledgable and experienced. The took care of every aspect of the visit. IT SEEMED LIKE WE WERE ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. If I start discussing everday experience, it will take a lot of time and effort to truly appreciate all the events.
The food was delicious day in and day out. The taking care of individuals was very personalized and caring. To put everything in concept, GRAET TIME WAS WELL SPENT.
I have the pleasure in recommending to any one who is going on a religeous trip or just a regular visit.
Please keep me informed of all your future ziaraat trips.”

Najma Saleem
Middletown, New Jersey
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“I had gone to Ziaraat 5 times in last 6 years. Major Ziaraat is the best organization so far. The travelling, hotels & management were just Excellent. I will highly recommend Major Ziaraat to anyone thinking of going to ziaraat this year or later on. I myself will use the same group of Syed Hussnain Raza for future.”

Dr. Tahera Moosvi
Middletown, New York
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“We have been a part of the April 2014 tour of Iran and Iraq with brother Syed Hasnain Raza and sister Rizwana Raza Hussain. This was a spiritual journey of lifetime. we appreciate all the sincerity, kindness and hard work put in by the group to arrange this ziaraat trip, also for all the help throughout our journey.
From the visits to the holy sites to the group living arrangements, bus travel, luggage help were all excellent. The group kept a record of all of us and IT FELT LIKE A MINI FAMILY by trip’s end. Iraq and Iran will remain unforgettable and now we await a chance to INSHALLAH go again soon! Ameen. We would love to go with Major Ziaraat again and sincerely thank to brother Hasnain, sister Rizwana, Raja bhai, Maulana Sadiq Shah and Ali Sayed for all their duties during the trip.
Also very thanks to our loyal and devoted guides, brother Khalili, brother Azad, brother Mukhlisi and sister Sumaiyya for their help in visitations of Rauzas. Sending lots of duas to Major Ziaraat team and SPECIAL DUA FOR MARHOOMA WALIDA OF BROTHER HASNAIN AND SISTER RIZWANA.”

Kausar H. Rizvi, Zahra Rizvi, Tasneem M. Ali
Rockville Centre, New York
April 2014 Iraq & Iran Tour

“We are grateful and thankful to Syed Hasnain Raza of Major Ziaraat, a well organized group, that provided exceptional services to each and every zaireen regardless of young, old, men, women. We were like one family in performing all Ziaraat.
Al Hamd o Lillah, we were very fortunate and proud of it that we performed Ziaraat of all major shrines like Rouza e Amirul Momineen (AS), Rouza e Imaam Hussain (AS), Rouza e Hazrat Abbas (AS), Tilla e ZAinabia and several other holy sites in Najaf e Ashraf, Kufa, Karbala e Moalla, Kazmain, Samarrah, Masjid e Sehla, Waadius Salaam in Iraq and the holy shrines of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad, Bibi Fatima Masoomah in Qom, Masjid e Jamkaran and most of the other respected sites and shrines of Imam Zadgan in Tehran and Neshapur.
We are also proud and lucky to meet our Merjahas Hazrat Aaitullah al Azma Aaqae Seestani and Aaitullah Aaqaie Bashir Najafi.
This was a very successful trip and we were very happy with the friendly/family services (like hotels, meals, Air and road transport, etc.) that were provided to us. We express our special thanks to Maulana Syed Sadiq Ali Shah, who arranged and recited majalis in the holy shrines and provided us guidance in performing Ziaraat and Aamaals. We are also thankful to Maulana Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Mukhlisi whom we found a true “Mukhlis”.
Here, if we don’t appreciate Mr. Syed Hasnain Raza, it will be a quite an un-justice. Therefore despite of expressing thanks and appreciations to him, we would like to praise the mother buried in Wadius Salaam in Najaf Ashraf who gave birth to a such a polite, kind hearted, mosoom siffat, lovely Momin, A’shiq e Hussain (AS) and a true follower of Ahlal Bait (AS). No doubt he worked very hard to make a successful trip of Ziaraat and most spiritual experience for everyone. May Almighty Allah (SWT) grant him a long life, good health and increase his Taufiqaat. Aameen.
It is our sincere advice to all our friends, family and community to get benefit from the services of Major Ziaraat, if they like to have a true Ziaraat of Ahlal Bait (AS) and Shohada e Karbala (AS) in Iran and Iraq.”


Syed Sajjad Yousaf & Nafis Fatima Yousaf
Long Island, New York
November 2013 Iraq & Iran Tour


Abbas Ali
East Windsor, New Jersey
November 2013 Iraq & Iran Tour

“Major Ziaraat provided us with such an amazing spiritual experience that will last forever.
The entire trip was very well organized and provided us with family like feelings. Major Ziaraat did an exceptional job with all arrangements from hotels (very close to Harams), meals, and transportation. They also provided the humble and helpful Moulana who never left us feel the language barrier. We are thankful to Moulana Syed Sadiq Ali Shah for his services and guidance. He was with us from day one until we left Iran.
We had lots of memorable moments during the trip, one of them was meeting with Merjahas Ayatollah Ali Al-Husayni Al Sistani and Ayatollah Bashir Hussain Najafi.
We have to say few words about Mr. Syed Hasnain Raza, organizer of the trip. He is a wonderful person, he is caring and understanding to everyone’s needs, he stays in the same hotels with us and is always available, which is greatly appreciated. We wish him lots of luck in his future Ziaraat trips.”

Mehdi A. Khan & Shaher B. Khan
Long Island, New York
November 2013 Iraq & Iran Tour

“My true and honest feeling of going with Major Ziaraat is like being with family. The Chief Organizer, Syed Hasnain Raza is such a gentleman that you can trust him 100%. The whole team of Major Ziaraat is extremely dedicated and educated. They perfectly guided the group. We had 18 years to 80 years old ziareen, few needed wheel chairs. All were very comfortable and satisfied with the services. At several occasions, Mr. Raza cared more for our needs and comfort, than for himself.
All hotels, meals, air and ground transportations were excellent. Major Ziaraat managenment team made careful and courageous decisions to take us to all Ziaraat places, where normally other groups don’t go. Mr. Raza and his team have good contacts and relationship with local officials and authorities.
Our community men, women and children of all ages are very fortunate to have Major Ziaraat to professionally serve them and fulfil their dreams of visiting all the sacred places.”

Shaheen Abbas
Yonkers, New York
November 2013 Iraq & Iran Tour

“I remember the day when my brother, Syed Hasnain Raza, decided to establish a Ziaraat group soon after we laid to rest our beloved mother, Shabih Raza, in Wadi-us-Salam, AL-Najaf Al-Ashraf. From that day, he worked very hard to accomplish his goal, and ‘Alhamdulillah’ before our mother’s first death anniversary, a group of Momineen visited the holy shrines of our Imams (a.s.). May almighty Allah (s.w.t.) grant my brother a long life and good health so he can continue helping people to visit the sacred places and give its sawab to our parents (Ameen). I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE GROUP AND THE WAY HE MANAGED. I also want to say thanks to our Maulana, Syed Sadiq Ali Shah and Brother Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Mukhlisi for making the trip, the most religeous experience for all of us. May Allah bless both of them along with their families (Ameen).”

Rizwana Raza Hussain
Elizabeth, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“We would like to share our special comments about our recent Iraq trip with Major Ziaraat Organization. We found Major Ziaraat to be a well-organized group that provided exceptional service to each and every zaireen that attended. By the grace of Allah, we were very fortunate to perform ziaraat at all the major sites such Karbala, Najaf, Kazmain, Samarah as well as Wadi Us Salam. We were well-taken care of in all aspects and received special treatment like a family member. Plenty of food was provided daily and hotel accommodations were very nice and conviently nearby the respective harems. Overall , it was a very successful trip and we were very happy with the family service that we were provided. We would like to provide our thanks to everyone that made this trip wonderful but a special thanks and appreciation to Syed Hasnain Raza, Rizwana Raza and Sabit Hussain. Also, many thanks to knowledgeable Maulana Syed Sadiq Ali Shah who performed Amal along with majalis everyday throughout the duration of our trip. We hope to go again with the Major Ziaraat group and would definitely recommend them to any of our friends”.

Sikandar & Sarwat Hussain
New Milford, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“Since this was my first time going for Ziaraat, I was unsure about how my experience would be. From my first interaction with Major Ziaraat, Mr. Syed Hasnain Raza’s calm but confident demeanor put my mind at ease. The reservation and visa process was made very simple. We were provided educational materials about the different places we would visit, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with what to expect and how to prepare. At the airports, Mr. Raza made us all passengers checked-in successfully. Throughout the journey he provided individual attention to all of the travelers to ensure our safety and comfort. The Maulana who spent time with us in Iraq was very capable. All of the Ziaraats were unbelievable and unforgettable. The staff of Major Zaiaraat was organized and efficient. I would highly recommend Major Ziaraat to anyone considering performing Ziaraat in Iraq. THANK YOU FOR ARRANGING AN EXCELLENT TRIP. ”

Jalees Munir Hussain
Hillsborough, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“We have been on many Ziaraat trips to Iraq, Iran and Syria. This was our second trip to Iraq and have to say it is definitely the best Ziaraat groups we have been with. Considering the fact that this was their first Ziaraat trip, it did not feel like it at all. It was very well organized, everyone was cared for, and everything was planned before the actual travel. The package price was extremely reasonable. All hotels were excellent and were at walking distance to the harams. There were no issues in travelling between cities either because all coach buses were preplanned and arrived on time to pick us up. The group leader, Hasnain, was very caring and attentive to others. He was always available to talk to and made sure no one had any issues. He also arranged for some sight-seeing on our stop over to Egypt, which everyone loved. We will definitely travel again with Major Ziaraat because we believe Hasnain was very clear cut and honest throughout the trip. EXCELLENT JOB Hasnain! Good luck for your future trips and keep up the good work!

Shahina & Muhammad Raza Shah
Nesconset, New York
April 2013 Iraq Tour


“I am at a loss to understand in what words I should explain my emotional feelings. A Trip that touched the sky heights right from start to end. I congratulate the group leader, Syed Hasnain Raza, for his talent, skills and wisdom. *** “WELL DONE MAJOR” *** I thank Raja sahib who stood alert for all the help. ”

Zair Naqvi’s Note to Ghulam Hussain Mukhlisi regarding Namaz Chairs
donated to Imam Hussain (a.s.) and Ghazi Abbas (a.s.) Harams 

Zair Hussain Naqvi
Manalapan, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour






“Everything was just Excellent. JazakAllah”

Syed Abbas Raza Mousvi
Parsippany, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“The Trip was truly a spiritual experience for me. we were led by a knowledgeable leader who guided us through the different landmarks. As safety was my main concern, I was a little worried at first, but when I got there I could not feel more secure. Major, himself assisted us in every possible way. The group that I was accompanied was also very friendly. The whole trip went by very smoothly and I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied. I would recommend Major Ziaraat to anyone who wishes to receive very professional and courteous service. You will not regret it and will come back feeling like you have accomplished a great deed.”

Shaheen Abbas
Yonkers, New York
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“The trip was amazing. The people, the environment and the experience as a whole was truly unforgettable. Raza bhai did a great job in arranging everything. Our hotels were at great location and not far from the Harams. I enjoyed the trip very much as it marked a life changing event.”

Hasnain Zehra Nasir
Elizabeth, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“This was my first experience performing Ziaraat. With Major Ziaraat, I witnessed good management from start to finish. The air and ground transportation, hotels, and meals were all very good. I was able to perform Ziaraat at all locations with ample time and without any difficulties. This allowed us to pray without any limitations and we were able to receive unlimited blessings. If fortunate enough to have another opportunity to perform Ziaraat, I would love to go once again with Major Ziaraat.”

Itrat Nasreen
Freehold, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“Alhamdulillah, The trip was incredible. Overall each and every step was very organized. Our Maulana, Syed Sadiq Ali Shah, was full of Knowledge about all ziaraat, which was very helpful for us to know everything. He was very polite and friendly.
Syed Hasnain Raza bhai was very patient and polite. All the arrangements were excellent. The accomodation and transportation both were excellent. The hotels and the meals were the best. We all are very satisfied. We have done more than we expected. Rani and Raja Bhai were the backbone of our group. God bless all of them”.

Ishrat Abbas Kazmi
New City, New York
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“The trip and Caravan was excellent and well organized. Consideration of ziareen well being is commendable. This is a great achievement, being the first trip organized, by Br. Syed Hasnain Raza.”

Syed Baqar Rizvi
Bloomfield, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“With the blessings of Allah (S.W.T.), my Ziaraat journey started from New York to Kazmain, Karbala, Samarra, Najaf, and Kufa, Iraq. Ground transportation was comfortable in air conditioned busses. The hotels were excellent with the wide variety of food and beverages. We visited all Ziaraat sites in all of the holy cities in Iraq. Two very learned Maulanas were with us at all times for our guidance. We were very fortunate to meet with our honorable Marjas on the trip as well. Ziarat is a test of endurance and patience, as millions of people converge on this part of the world in total devotion. Our religion teaches us to be patient and steadfast in all aspects of life. I want to congratulate Major Ziaraat for accomplishing a great Ziaraat program. The efforts and determination of all staff members of Major Ziaraat to achieve this goal has been admirable. Allah (S.W.T.) has blessed all of the group members to be healthy enough to complete this journey. I hope everyone who went has had time to recover and reflect on their personal journey. I want to thank each and everyone of my travelling colleagues from the bottom of my heart and I will keep this most memorable journey forever in my heart.”

Syed Munir Hussain
Hillsborough, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“I had a good trip to Ziaraat of all the holy places in Iraq. Mr. Raza did a good job in arranging the tour for ziaraat. Hotels and food was good. Our Maulana was very nice and helpful.”

Nawab Mousvi Agha
Livingston, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“Our experience to Iraq trip was priceless. we both had a wonderful time on making this exceptional Pilgrimage. Not only was this an opportunity to meet with loved ones, but more importantly, to be able to purify the soul. The entire trip was arranged in very professional manner. It was summarized as in a complete and concise itenerary. we were well informed, upon arriving in Iraq, of what to expect on a step-by-step basis. It was a very memorable trip that was, to say the least, very well organized and coordinated. Thank you kindly, from both of us. “THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN” ”

Syed Gulzar Hussain & Kaniz Fatima Rizvi
San Francisco, California
April 2013 Iraq Tour

“Without any reasonable doubt, the trip was a big success. It was perfectly organized from all points. I enjoyed from every aspect, the travel, stay in Cairo, stay in all hotels and all ziaraats. Finally I like to congratulate Syed Hasnain Raza for doing such a good and BIG project.”

Abbas Ali
East Windsor, New Jersey
April 2013 Iraq Tour